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G. W. Dahlquist – The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters

January 12th 2012 in fantasy, steampunk


In The Glass Books of THE DREAM EATERS thee most unlikely but nevertheless extraordinary heroes become inadvertently involved in the diabolical machinations of a cabal bent upon enslaving thousands through a devilish ‘process’:

Miss Temple
Is a feisty young woman with corkscrew curls who wishes only to learn why her fiancé Roger broke up their engagement…

Cardinal Chang
was asked to kill a man, but finding his quarry already dead he is determined to learn who beat him to it and why…

and Dr Svensson is chaperone to a dissolute Prince who has become involved with some most unsavory individuals…

And adventure like no other, in a mysterious city few have travelled to, featuring a heroine and two heroes you will never ever forget.

Den här boken var lite porrigare än vad jag trodde, men fan, jag tackar inte nej till lite smut. Dock något förvirrande att hoppa mellan karaktärerna så ofta. Ett kapitel, sen byter vi point-of-view. Gärna med en cliffhanger också.

Inte det mest välskrivna jag läst, men ändå intressant nog för att jag skulle beställa nästa i serien.


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